EasyData Technologies

About us

EasyData Technologies (EDT) is the company developing Innovation Explorer – a new patent information system. EDT has already developed the system prototype and has plan to develop Innovation Explorer into commercial product.

EDT is searching for long-term Partner, who will provide equity investment that will be used to:

  • Develop Innovation Explorer prototype into commercial product
  • Launch commercial use of Innovation Explorer until operational break even

EDT has well qualified and inspired team that combines extensive experience in patent information search and analysis, software development and business development. Our previous work experience includes:

  • Patent data analysis worldwide
  • High-performance computing
  • Development search and analysis systems
  • Managing large IT teams and creating IT companies
  • Sales of IT services to large International Enterprises
  • Management Consulting in McKinsey and BCG
  • Working on Executive positions in major Russian companies
  • Recent co-founding of successful startup (USD 20 mln. investments)