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Innovation Explorer


Innovation Explorer is a new generation patent information system. It allows storing and analyzing intellectual property information to get insights into industry and innovation trends, identify partners and value businesses. Innovation Explorer core advantages over existing systems are operating entire and “cleaned” database in real time, high level of customization and efficient interface.

Advantages over existing systems

Handle entire database in real time

InEx allows real time processing and analysis of the full set of information. While other existing systems can make only basic search on the full set of information, and further analysis is available only on limited list of patents

Productive interface

Unlike existing system based on standard search forms, InEx operates with multi-dimensional labels structures, that dramatically improves productivity

Cleaned & structured data

InEx use pre-cleaned data (avoids misspelling, double counting etc) and can have its own corrected data structure. Existing systems require manual cleaning and structuring

Data structure customization easily available

While existing systems use the same data structure for all clients, InEx allows every client using its own data structure and grouping, best suited for his needs. That is especially important for innovation search and trends identification

Innovation Explorer Overview


How we achieve those advantages

Advanced technology
  • InEx is based on DB designed to maximize data analytics capabilities rather than transaction storage (as it is the case of traditional SQL databases)
  • Module structure allows using efficient ready-to- use solutions for specific task (like full text search, network analysis, semantic maps)
  • The system architecture was designed to avoid potential bottlenecks, so that critical processes depend only on RAM/CPU bandwidth (not on disk, network IO)
Labels concept
  • Innovation Explorer allows customized information structuring using user defined labels (like in Gmail interface, but faster:)
  • Pre-defined data structure also uses labels, so it can be easily modified based on client needs and recent changes
  • Interface based on labels is the most efficient when it comes to analytics of poorly structured data (like patent data)